All About Floatation Therapy

The Floatation Federation relies mainly on links to the various manufacturers and you will find the history of floating described in several ways. Many of the float centres also have excellent descriptions and it is worth browsing through the links.

Floating has so many applications. It is used by competitive athletes, by musicians, in connection with therapies, for stress relief, for pain relief, for focussing, meditation, even for sleeping. Floating is not restricted to special uses, the majority of floaters just do it because they enjoy it.

The relaxed state when floating is the most profound relaxation that you will find anywhere on earth. Floating relaxes the body and the mind. This has been proved not just by the many thousands of happy floaters but by scientific research.

The more people float, the better the world will be. The floatation federation has no hesitation in recommending that everyone should try it.

What the manufactures say about floating:
Hungary what they say
England what they say
Float Tank Australia – Apollo
Australia what they say
Koan Float
Netherlands what they say
Ocean Floatrooms
England what they say
Samadhi Tank Co. Inc.
USA – California what they say
Think Tank International
Singapore what they say

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The two main men of Floating:
Dr John C. Lilly
discovered floatation therapy about him and his work
Michael Hutchison
author of “The Book of Floating” about his work
Books Related to Floating:
Dr John C. Lilly and
Michael Hutchison the list