When it comes to floatation therapy we feel that the best way to really showcase what it can do for someone is to provide you with testimonials. There you can see for yourself the different benefits and relief that floatation therapy can provide for many. 

“Started floatation therapy to help with chronic back pain. As a carpenter and avid golf player on the weekends, I need my back to be feeling its best. I tried different medications, physical therapy (which did help some), and even yoga with my wife. However, I found that my best form of relief came from my continued floatation therapy sessions. My back has never felt so good! And my golf score is proof!”

-Mark Steinbecker New Orleans, Louisiana

“I own my own Phoenix paint protection business and do a lot of ceramic coating and paint protection film installations. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do but it can wreak havoc on my lower back and sciatica muscles. I am a pretty active guy playing basketball or going to the gym throughout the week. I find floatation therapy helps a lot with flexibility and relieves pressure off my joints. I also find it relaxes me a lot and resets my body for the week. I love it”

-Kenny N. Phoenix, Arizona

“I started floatation therapy after I had my second baby. I had a lot of joint and hip pain and issues with flexibility. After a few sessions of floatation therapy, I began to feel relief and could take longer walks again. I really think it helped to heal my body after childbirth in the months to come after childbirth and also helped to relieve any muscle stiffness from holding a baby most of the day. I would recommend floatation therapy to all. If not only for the sheer relaxation you get from it.“

-Veronica Mallory Nashville, Tennessee

“As a lifelong runner, I have suffered all kinds of muscle soreness, overexertion, stiffness and more. I found that after starting hydrotherapy & floatation therapy my runs felt better because my body did. Flexibility improved and I was able to find instant relaxation and relief after a long run of hitting the pavement.”

-Joe Allen Orange County, California