3 Benefits Of Flotation Therapy

Float Therapy Provides Stress Relief

Living in bustling cities or working jobs that are highly demanding can make our bodies end up with little to no rest, which is essential to function throughout the duration of a day. Stressful situations happen daily in the forms of deadlines, family conflicts, too many extracurriculars, work issues, financial troubles, homework etc. All of this can actually become some of the main reasons for a wide variety of ailments that slow us down. During a float session, everything is shut out, which provides the person with an environment that allows the nervous system to take a break from constant exposure to stresses and anxieties that it goes through so regularly. Pursuing floatation therapy for the mind and the body can be one of the most nourishing and refreshing things that can be done to help get through the day in the healthiest possible state.

Float Therapy Leads To A Stronger Immune System

One of the main advantages of floatation therapy is that it is often able to help the immune system of the person to become much more robust. Research has shown that the calming features of the float tank can help channel all healing and positive thoughts towards a part of the body that is damaged, which can increase the rate of recovery of multiple ailments.

Float Therapy Helps The Body Absorb Magnesium

During a floatation therapy session, a significantly large amount of Epsom salt is added to the water to enable the person to float easily. The skin can absorb the salts from the water, which is a beneficial supplement of a mineral that is not often ingested. When magnesium is absorbed, it can prevent osteoporosis, high blood pressure, relieve symptoms of menopause and even strengthen teeth and bones.

Flotation therapy

Float Therapy Can Help With Sleep

When used for an extended period of time, floatation therapy is able to help the person sleep much better. Research has shown that a floatation session that lasts over 90 minutes is comparable to the sensation of having a whole night of uninterrupted sleep. The end result is that the patient leaves the session feeling refreshed, therapeutic and rejuvenated. Gravity is not an issue when it comes to spending time in a floatation tank, so all the bones, muscles and joints of the patient are finally given a chance to get some rest from being used so frequently. Floatation therapy can help facilitate inner thoughts, and even bring a sense of calm that is natural and can have the patient rising every morning with greater energy and a better night’s rest than they had experienced ever before. Giving the body a break that it deserves will help channel all of this valuable energy to different areas so that the patient can be more productive throughout the duration of the day.

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